Vemma Reviews Of The Venomous Vemma Scam

Vemma Reviews vemma scamVemma reviews are being written in contrast to the many Vemma scam claims.So how do we know who to believe and who to discount? Well, let’s start with what we know to be true. Vemma is a nutritional supplement company that was founded by BK Boreyko and his family in 2004. It markets fruit juice drinks that have been fortified with vitamins and antioxidants relying on Magnosteen as its main ingredient.

Vemma reviews have earned mixed ratings from users. Majority of the ones that said that Vemma  is indeed helpful are those that succeeded with it. On the other hand, those that did not succeed in their marketing ventures definitely said that it was a “Vemma scam”. Of the two types of ratings, it is safe to say that those individuals that gave poor ratings did not know how to market their products. Some probably enrolled through the system without understanding the root of it. This article will teach you some strategies to effectively sell your products.

This continuously growing company was fashioned out of his passion for improving the lives of others. BK had come to realize that the number one reason for people going bankrupt was due to an extreme illness causing dramatic increases to their bills. Add that to the fact that the number one reason for such a high divorce rate is due to financial issues or lack of money, you end up with a great recipe for worldwide despair.

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Regardless of one’s opinion being expressed in their Vemma reviews of this reported Vemma scam, BK seems to truly have the best interest of the world in mind as he continues to devote all of his advertising to the payment of affiliates. Vemma was created as a two part formula for success for all those who become a part of it. The first part of this formula is to simply enhance one’s health through vitamin supplementation. This is backed by their 100% 30 day guarantee which they continue to stand behind.

Vemma Reviews Of The Products

Vemma Reviews ProductsMost Vemma reviews can tell you that VEMMA is actually an acronym for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Magnosteen, Aloe. This consists of the some of the major ingredients relied on by their chief scientific officer Dr Yibing Wang for the various Vemma products. There are five products in the Vemma line.

Vemma- The flagship drink and base for all the Vemma products, is a liquid formula of your vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that is easily absorbed into the body.

Verve- The energy drink that contains the same Vemma formula mixed with 80 grams of natural caffeine.

BODe- Vemma’s own weight loss supplement line which combines the Vemma formula with extra magnostene, proteins, cabohydrates, and other nutritional stuff.

Next- A drink designed for children ages 2 to 12 containing an ounce of the Vemma formula blend along with vitamin C, vitamin D, and Beta carotene.

Thirst- A sports drink in the making for those active individuals that need to combine the Vemma formula with their need to replenish depleted electrolytes.

Vemma Reviews Of The Business Model

Most Vemma reviews attempt to persuade you in their discussion of the second part of the formula in their Vemma scam review.Vemma Reviews Model It is the business model of the Vemma affiliate program. Bk’s intention is for Vemma users to share the Vemma products with others which allow them the opportunity to make commissions on whatever sales are a result of sharing their personal experiences with the Vemma line. It uses the binary buisness model that is commonly referred to as Vemma pyramid scheme by so many Vemma scam reports and Vemma reviews alike.

Vemma uses a two legged binary system as a platform for affiliates to start with in their pursuit of success in marketing the Vemma products. The idea being that by recruiting 2 new customers who become affiliates, they each then recruit 2 each, and so on until you have a sort of pyramid with you being at the top, joining the two legs of affiliates for which you started.

Put Up a Website

vemma scam vemma reviewNotice that in most Vemma reviews, people complained about not getting their message across. First off, they may not have created a website. It is worthy to note that in these modern times, it is important to create a website because people always surf the web. In addition to that, you should also create catchy content to glue the attention of prospective clients on your webpage. This will directly result into sales, or at least a recommendation. Therefore, if you are selling the products of Vemma, it is important to create a website so that you can advertise them there. You could also engage into affiliate marketing if you want to maximize your earning potentials on the web.

As many “Vemma reviews” point out, you are taught to start the “Vemma scam” with what’s called your warm market. This is simply your circle of family and friends which you already have a relationship with. Although there is nothing wrong with this level of thinking, it appears most just don’t know where to turn after this circle has come to a close. That, and the fact that one assumes that all you need do is sign up 2 customers and you’ll start raking in the dough.

Use Social Networking Sites

vemma social scamIn Vemma reviews that praised the products, it contained some tips on using social networking sites. This is quite effective especially that almost everyone has social networking accounts – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thus, you should try to incorporate marketing strategies that involves these three sites. It’s quite simple to do because in the first two, you can create business pages and advertise your products there. On the other hand, you can create video presentations and post them on YouTube. These are quite helpful in your marketing career considering that most Vemma reviews that contained great ratings explained how important social networking sites are for the success of your career as a marketer.

I’m far from a marketing guru of any sort, but I find this line of assumption to be a plan for disaster from the start. I believe the key here is to get two new Vemma affiliates that see the same value in the Vemma line that you surely have, as a marketer of the products. Once you have those two fellow Vemma supporters, you then need help them to each find two more like minded individuals to do the same. It is in the helping of these individuals below you that wealth then starts to build on your behalf. As a marketer, you are tasked to learn the latest methods of marketing and try them out to see whether they are effective or not. If you think you succeeded with the conventional methods of marketing and you will continue to succeed then you’re wrong. The methods presented to succeed in a particular field changes rapidly. That’s why marketers all around the world should consider studying the new methods of marketing. That family and friends “warm market” isn’t going to get you the sales they once did. The power of the web has made the job of marketing a truly global platform.

 The Vemma Scam Reviewed

vemma scam reviewsSo where do you turn after your warm market has been gone through? That’s where the Vemma reviews screaming it’s a Vemma scam have been left in the dark. It’s just not enough to market to friends and family anymore. The primary objective of any affiliate in any business should be to reach as many people as possible. In my personal experience, the best way to do that is to market online. In this way your warm market becomes the globe as you share your message to all those who may be searching for the very thing you now have to offer.

Proven and Effective. The products provided by Vemma, as discussed in most Vemma reviews, are 101% safe and effective. Now not everyone might believe this. This is where you come in; you should convince people and show them that Vemma’s products are as effective as all other products in the market. In addition, you should share your knowledge to other Vemma marketers out there so that they may also taste success in marketing.

A Vemma scam review and most Vemma reviews in general are written to give you a definitive decision as to whether this is a venomous pyramid scam to avoid or a legitimate Vemma pyramid scheme that affords one a path to riches. Can it be that the only difference in their opinion is their margin of success with the company?


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