Vemma Pyramid Scheme Not Working For You?

Vemma Pyramid Scheme

The Vemma pyramid scheme allegations are of a debate that isn’t going to cease any time soon. Irrespective of hype around it, some insiders will tell you that the whole concept is a scheme you best avoid and should be better to consider other ways of making money, than lose your already hard earned money joining a multi-level marketing company. Is it truly yet another place in which the odds against success are extremely high?

There are other loyal Vemma users and affiliates alike that credit their complete life changing happiness to the direct result of Vemma’s two leg binary based business opportunities. This group of insiders’ rebuttal is that the very term “Vemma pyramid scheme” is nothing short of slander as you are provided with a great product to sell and use yourself.

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To put matters into perspective, this post digs deeper into this supposed pyramid scheme/scam “opportunity” and sheds more light onto this growing controversy. Can it be that the only difference between a scheme and a scam is the success of those making the statement? You will also be given an alternative work from home opportunity that teaches you how to build a lifelong business of your own in any market.

That’s not to say I think the Vemma pyramid scheme is any more or less legit. I personally find the vision and goals of Vemma’s creator BK Borenko to be quite honorable, even admirable. Please see my post on Vemma Reviews for a complete look at this company. I am merely offering a solution to stepping beyond your “warm market” to reach a vast population, making it possible to succeed in any two leg binary business model that you may be caught up in. Keep on reading..

Vemma Pyramid Scheme Facts

First, let us get a little useful information about the company itself. Vemma according to its owners, is a network marketing company that sells multivitamin supplement drinks, including the energy drink known as Verve through a recruitment system of fellow users. It’s been said that if you expunge the supplement drinks from the business model, you are left with this ugly Vemma pyramid scam only intent on defrauding you of your hard earned money. In truth, the fact that Vemma has you be a customer before an affiliate only makes sense. It’s easier to sell something you actually use yourself and believe in.

Some argue this company especially targets college students with promises of getting rich quick, only to teach rather dubious marketing models and tactics that alone will make you fail. Still others make the point that failure is in the efforts of the individual and it’s up to them to adapt to new marketing methods and ask for help when needed.


Vemma Pyramid Scheme Market

Vemma teaches you to begin by selling to your “hot market”, or your circle of friends and family. This is actually a great place to START in your Vemma pyramid scheme, as it is where you already have some sort of relationship. After all, you can’t just jump in and start marketing to somebody without building some sort of foundational rapport with an individual, lest you risk coming off as a dirt bag solicitor.

Unfortunately, this same market may have already been approached by the person who signed you in and don’t care to hear it all again! Find out yourself how the Vemma business model works before you get involved. Then you can see if it’s nothing more than a Vemma pyramid scheme or a promising opportunity of potential.

The fact that Vemma is often called a pyramid scheme is there for all to see. However, the binary business model it follows is legit and shouldn’t be used to warn anyone intent on joining. If you do not know, the secret behind all multilevel networking companies is simple. To succeed and get to the top, you have to help others get to where you are now.

There are rumors to the likelihood of this company collapsing, but nothing that shows anything solid. This discussion leads to one conclusion, the Vemma pyramid scheme by any name, has a legitimate business model with a seemingly decent product. So what do we recommend?

Pyramid Scheme Solution

With the power of the internet, it’s possible for anyone to succeed, even in a pyramid scam, if that’s what you feel you’re in. It’s also a phenomenal way to spread the word about whatever great product or service you have to share. No longer are you limited to harassing friends and family, or spending endless hours on the phone with people who have no interest in even listening to what you have to offer..

Vemma Pyramid Scheme KeyIt’s no secret that having your own website is a chance to reach a global market. It’s a place for you to set up shop and have people come to you to buy, instead of you going out to sell. I actually had my website set up absolutely FREE as I don’t know how. Well, I do have to pay for the web hosting which is under $20 on the high end, but so does everyone who owns a website.

The FAST income plan by Internet Income University is a step by step program that walks you through what it takes to set up a legitimate home based business working as an affiliate marketer. The FAST income plan gives you all the tools you need to succeed on the internet. First, an affiliate website is set up for you; you’re given four products that can start bringing you income immediately. Finally, you are taken through step by step training on what it takes to reach your target buyer audience as a successful affiliate marketer.

Is Vemma a pyramid scheme

You don’t have to forget the Vemma pyramid scheme to join this genuine opportunity. It’s a great way to market any product or service.  You will be able to set up a wonderful online business working from the comfort of your home. I’ve found no better opportunity  than this one in the long run. There’s no need to nag your friends and relatives trying to sell them your new product or business venture all in the guise of increasing your power line.

IF you have found yourself reading this because you can’t escape the controversy behind the growing Vemma pyramid scheme / Vemma pyramid scam debates, or some other program, you’re NOT alone. Going out and steadily selling to your friends and family isn’t the end result, but simply a beginning. Not reaching beyond your hot, or even warm market, is not going to get you very far in the long run. To avoid these, join the FAST income plan and start your journey to financial Independence today.

Note: If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn income online and want to
learn how to build a successful internet business, then I STRONGLY recommend you
click here to discover where education meets opportunity!

4 thoughts on “Vemma Pyramid Scheme Not Working For You?

    • Hi Nora, thank you for stopping by.
      Although many would argue that it’s not “legally” a scam since they sell a product, it’s the exact same pyramid scam structure that’s been robbing so many of their hard earned money for years. So, yes!!

  1. I find this to be in extremely bad taste. You give people enough information to lead them away from the Veema scam but you don’t go in depth enough about it so they don’t recognize the fine print in this post; that, while you are trying to lead them away from Veema, all you’re really doing is luring them in to YOU. This whole article is a sales pitch for you so called ‘buisness’, just pettifogged with some slight exposure to a different scam other then your own. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Hi Luke and thank you for taking the time to leave your comment. I wish you’d have also taken the time to actually READ this review before doing so though. In truth, this article WAS NOT written to warn others of the Pyramid Scheme that I BELIEVE Vemma CLEARLY is. I do that in the Vemma Review I did earlier. This was merely to explain that if you INSIST on joining Vemma, or ANY other Pyramid scheme for that matter, it would be wise to start your own web page as it reaches a larger market. You are welcome to go see Internet Income University and learn how to do so for FREE. If you would like to have someone else set it up for you or you know how to do so yourself, then get to it. I personally don’t so it made sense for me to have them set it up for me. I’m not asking you to buy anything from me, just saying don’t toss your money up the steps of some pyramid because all you know is your family.

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