MonaVie Reviews Fail To Mention In Their MonaVie Scam Review

MonaVie Reviews monavie scamMany MonaVie reviews have been written with just as many MonaVie scam reviews to battle them. Let’s get to the facts. The MonaVie company started in January of 2005 as a distributor and manufacturer of vegetable and fruit blended powders, purees and concentrates.

It was started by Dallin Larsen, a senior executive for Monarch Health Sciences, another MLM company that started just two years before as a distributor of weight loss and diet supplements.

Before starting MonaVie, Dallin was a senior executive for USANA and Dynamic Essentials, both of which are MLM companies in themselves. At the launch of MonaVie in Salt Lake Utah, Monarch Health Sciences also turned over the bottling, marketing and distribution of the MonaVie products to the newly formed company.

Many MonaVie reviews have failed to mention the fact that the company, it’s executives, and a number of their distributers have been involved in numerous lawsuits dating as far back as 2007.

MonaVie Reviews of Nutrition

The MonaVie products primarily focus on the acai berry, but also contain various blends of exotic fruits like cupuacu, camu camu, aronia, acerola, and bilberry. I was pleased to see they also use some fruits I’m more familiar with such as pomegranate and blueberry.

The MonaVie website states that their juice blends aid in the fight against aging and something called oxidative stress as they contain high levels of polyphenols. I don’t know what those are as I’m no scientist, but I know that Men’s Journal did a test of these on the MonaVie Active juice and it’s levels were lower than even regular apple juice, which did poorly on the test as well.

As many MonaVie reviews state, this same testing showed that Welch’s grape juice actually contains 5 times more of the antioxident Vitamin C than that of MonaVie Active which claims to be fortified with it. MonaVie also states that a mere 4 ounces provides as much antioxidant capacity as 12-14 servings of fruit and vegetables.

This I found rather confusing considering their chief science officer and original developer of MonaVie Ralph Carson, stated that it’s nothing more than “expensive flavored water”. Keep in mind that MonaVie does all their own testing and none of their findings have been proven by the FDA.

MonaVie Distributor Program

The MonaVie company has a binary multi-level marketing business model that is quite well-known in various places worldwide as it falls along the lines of other “pyramid schemes”. There are many MonaVie reviews and MonaVie scam reports stating the majority of MonaVie distributors making little to no money at all.

These reports claim distributors range anywhere from as little as 9-14% actually making any profit. The sad reality is approximately 90% of them are only making roughly fifty some odd bucks a week. I’m unsure if this is a reflection on the product, those set out to peddle it, or those left to train the hopeful marketers. Possibly even a combination of the three? A bottle of MonaVie will set you back about $40 a piece though.

Is MonaVie A Scam Or Not?

With so many MonaVie reviews and many more MonaVie scam reviews out there the question still remains…Is MonaVie a legitimate way to make money?MonaVie scam MonaVie Reviews I’m afraid this is something for each reader to decide for themselves.

Although I personally feel they seem to be lacking in morals or business ethics, based on their false claims of nutritional value. That alone deems them a scam to me I also believe they have a legitimate business model that makes it possible for their distributors to make money if provided the proper training.

That being said, it should be noted that joining any MLM company does not mean it will be easy to earn money. It usually requires a dedicated mindset and a LOT of work early on. The problem commonly mentioned in MonaVie reviews, is that it teaches to sell to your friends and family, commonly referred to as your “warm market”. For many, this automatically deems it a MonaVie scam, which in itself is also unfair.

Even MonaVie reviews can’t dispute the logic of starting with those you already know and have a relationship with. The majority of people just don’t know what to do after they’ve gone through this list. I believe it’s a key factor in the failure of many hopeful marketers regardless of the products.

Before embarking on any business venture, I would advise that you do yourself the diligence of learning all that you can about it. Do they have a support system and the training necessary to provide all the tools needed to succeed at it? I find that many MLM opportunities simply don’t provide enough training for the average person new to the market.

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One thought on “MonaVie Reviews Fail To Mention In Their MonaVie Scam Review

  1. This article about monavie was very informative. I knew about the product because they started to sell it at one of my previous jobs and thats how I knew about the product, not the insights. I’ve tried Monavie drinks before and I’ve had heard a lot of good things about it, but after trying it my self it made no difference for me in any away. However it may change other peoples lives in a good way, but for me it just didn’t work.

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