Legitimate Income At Home For Workforce Dads

Legitimate Income At Home

So you’re finally tired of going into that dead end job every day? Legitimate Income At HomeAre you looking around your home for things to sell to bring home that extra income your family so desperately needs? Well there is legitimate income at home that can solve both of these issues at the same time. I’m going to show just a few of the ways you can work at home while still enjoying the quality time you cherish with your family.

I myself have spent years working for someone else’s success. I have come to find that it doesn’t matter how hard I work for somebody else, I never seem to make any more money than the day, month, or year before. That is why I have made it my business to find out what it takes for a working dad to make a legitimate income at home.

Not everybody has a computer with high speed internet connection readily available to them. If you fall into this area, it’s just as simple to earn at home. You’ll have access to slightly different resources that may or may not reach the same amount of people, but they’re quite successful all the same.

Legitimate Income At Home Offline

  • Have a garage or yard sale- I made $65 one Saturday in just 4hrs selling old clothes I didn’t want anymore.Legitimate income at home offline I met a woman that night whose daughter made over $500 in two days selling no appliances or furniture. She paid her car and insurance with that money. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a one-time opportunity. People make a living doing this every week. Here’s a great article I found on tips to turn any yard sale into a money making success. 
  • Mow lawns For Mabel- If you’re like me, you’ve got that super sweet neighbor that loves her fresh cut lawn but can’t do it herself. Well take your lawn mower over and cut it for her for $5. Before you know it she’ll have all her friends begging to pay you for your lawn cutting services.
  • Be a secret shopper- There are an array of companies that pay for you to go to their establishment and be a customer. They not only pay you for your time but also reimburse you for your purchase. I should note that each company is different and you should always review the guidelines set forth by that individual company.

The first thing I found is working online is that there are a number of absolute income at home scams. We’ve all seen the ads and infomercials at 2:00 in the morning, seen the articles in the local paper, or heard a coworker mention them. Get paid $10 for stuffing envelopes, or push a button and make millions.  If people got paid even $5 to stuff and mail an envelope, the postal service wouldn’t be in such bad shape right now. At least that’s how I look at it. And they aren’t going to let you know, that same button that can make you millions, can just as quickly make you lose your whole life savings.

Legitimate Income At Home Online

  • Write a book- Thanks to the power of the internet it’s easier than ever to make a legitimate income at home as a self-published author of a book. Lulu and Smahwords are reputable self-publishing sites you can check out.
  • Write for others- Many CEOs and small business owners don’t have the time toiWriter write their own blogs or articles. They turn to sites like Odesk and iWriter, to pick up content that somebody else has written instead. All you do is write an article based on a keyword that they provide. When your work is accepted, you get paid. I have personally only used iWriter and have provided a link for you to just check out if you’d like.
  • Become an affiliate- This is has many income opportunities in an unlimited range of markets. As an affiliate, or referral marketer you simply post blogs or reviews about other companies’ products or services. When your readers buy that product as a result of your review, you make a percentage or commission off that sale. For more information on affiliate marketing you can read my blog on the merits of affiliate marketing for dummies.

The good news is that there are good people with real income opportunities that are not only legitimate, but also provide you with the education and tools necessary to be successful. Legitimate income at home opportunities are never going to make you pay a fee for information about the opportunity. And you should never have to pay somebody for giving you a job. That kind of defeats the purpose of looking for work.

If you’re a typical workforce dad that is just tired of trading your time for dollars and are looking for legitimate income at home opportunities, there is a way to learn how to earn extra income from home in whatever your passion might be.

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