The Merits Of Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate marketing for dummies is something I’ve not been the first to think of, yet I believe needs more attention. Anyone who owns their own website may not realize it but they may be affiliate marketing for dummiessitting on a pot of gold. Absolutely everyone has the ability to learn how to tap into this valuable revenue stream. The size of this revenue is largely dependent on one element; this element is visitor traffic and the source of this hidden income can be accessed by understanding affiliate marketing for dummies.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

No qualifications are required to start an affiliate marketing business. In fact this is largely becoming the leader for online jobs for college students. The aim is to drive traffic to a website and for this it is crucial to have visibility in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In order to channel traffic to a website it is important to learn about Search Engine Optimization techniques. For more information on Search Engine Optimization there are a multitude of e-books and other free downloads available as a starting point.

At its most basic level, affiliate marketing for dummies requires a website. A website allows companies to display ads in prominent areas on the website for which the webmaster, or website owner is paid a commission. A commission is paid in three main ways. The first is pay per click. This is a model best reflected by Google Adsense, where every time an ad is clicked a commission is generated for the website owner. Pay per lead works differently. An example might be a loans company who will pay a commission for every lead that is generated; whether the lead turns into a sale or not is of no consequence to the website owner. Pay per sale is more dependent on the quality of a lead. A webmaster will only get paid on a lead that is converted into a sale.

Affiliate marketing for dummies works best if the ads have a strong correlation with the content that is on a webmaster’s site. As an example, if a webmaster is promoting a fake tan product for a cosmetic company’s affiliate program, obviously it would not make sense to put this ad on a website themed on life insurance or general finance.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative. There are health care companies in the United States that will offer a revenue share of as much as 50% on any sales that are generated from a simple referral through a webmaster’s site. Commissions for affiliates are typically paid out on a monthly basis. Sometimes, however they are not paid out until a minimum threshold has been reached. It is worth paying attention to the minimum pay out when signing up to an affiliate program. Some affiliate marketing companies may set a payout level as high as $250. As far as affiliate marketing for dummies is concerned, such a high threshold may mean waiting weeks or months for that first pay out.

As a short conclusion, promoting the products of other companies on a webmaster’s site can lead to multiple revenue streams which should certainly reinforce the validity of affiliate marketing for dummies. A bit of work is required to hit the ground running but the rewards will be worth it.

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